Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 3 of the decrease...

Bento, has been a great inspiration to lose weight.
It has forced me to rethink packing the lunch, How much protein do I have how many carbs etc. is it colorful enough...
The challenge has been to get packign every day, I was pretty hit & miss for the past couple of months.
This week after a scary happening at an SCA event I rethought my lazy ways, & so far I have bento'd every day.

Monday was a tortellini bento w/ Turkey breast & sauce, grapes & a deviled egg.
Tuesday was a trukey sandwich w/ mayo & fresh spinach, grapes, carrot sticks, kim chi, & baybebel cheese.
today is a repeat of tuesday.

What I inadvertantly did was a start eliminating caffiene.

Instead of my usual morning cup of tea & 2 20 oz bottle s of soda , I am down to my tea & 4 bottles of water.

I havent notice the crankiness as much this time around, but the lack of caffiene in the afternoon is making me sleepy.

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